Who we are:

Whether you're a Korean, who just wants to talk about their home and life in Germany, a true K-Pop fan, who wants to gossip about the newest happenings in Korean pop-culture, or just want to improve your language skills - at the Korean meet-up Stuttgart you will meet like-minded-people, new friends and acquaintances and might even find your new favorite place to hang out in and around Stuttgart! 🙂

When do we meet?

The Korean group of regulars in Stuttgart meets at least once per month. You can find information about our next event right here.

Where do we meet?

Usually we'll meet in a restaurant or a cafe! Sometimes we also do house-parties at one of our member's places with delicious food.

Can I just join your next event?

Of course! We're always happy to meet new people. Please sing up beforehand though, so we can make a reservation 🙂

Language learning
In our group you'll meet Koreans and Germans, who are happy to help you learn some new things. Whether you're looking for a tandem or a teacher - here you'll find new contacts.
Having a great time
Of course we aren't just about learning. At our meet-ups in restaurants, cafes or exciting home-parties you'll never get bored.
Finding friends
Are you new in Germany? Looking for new friendships? Then we might just be the right address for you! In our Group with Koreans and Germans you'll surely find a new buddy.

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